GET INVOLVED: Participate!

There are many ways to contribute to the field of museum theatre through IMTAL. Below is a list of things to do, where to go, and who to contact to begin. If you have any ideas that are not listed here, contact us! We want to get you involved!

Communicate with Fellow Members
Join the list serve and utilize the IMTAL Message Board. Post questions and respond to questions from others.
Contact the IMTAL Board with any ideas or suggestions you have.

Share Your Work
List any services you offer in the Marketplace section of the website. List any job openings you have in the Jobs section of the website. Contribute documents and templates to the Document Exchange. Type up your notes from a conference session you've attended and post them on the Conference Notes page.

Write a member update blurb (150 words) for publication in INSIGHTS and on the Blog section of the web site. You can also propose a longer article (500-1200 words). Send us your non-copyrighted photographs of your work or your institution for use on the web site and in the newsletter.

Promote IMTAL and Museum Theatre

Note that you are a member of IMTAL in the signature of your emails.
Print and copy the IMTAL membership brochure and distribute it at professional events that you attend.
Submit a museum theatre session proposal to a conference - a local or regional museum association or a conference from a specific discipline. For ideas, see the Conferences section of the Members Only Area. Contact anyone on the Board for guidance or support.

Volunteer for IMTAL
Type out old journal and newsletter articles for the web site and research permissions to use those from other sources. (Contact the IMTAL Secretary.) 
Volunteer to work at a booth or event at AAM or at an IMTAL conference. 
Run for the IMTAL Board of Directors. Read the Board position descriptions HERE.

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