2014 IMTAL Regional Pre Conference Theatre in Museums Workshop

A condensed version of the annual Theatre in Museums Workshop which began at the Science Museum of Minnesota nearly three decades ago and was attended by museums, zoos, historical centers and aquariums from all over the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and several other countries.

The Workshop will begin with a lunch, during which there will be an orientation and an opportunity for participants to briefly introduce themselves.

 Between 12:00 and 5:00 PM sessions will focus on:

  • Criteria and reasons for establishing a theatre program at your institution, including the importance of support from your Board and upper management, and how to obtain it.
  • Styles of theatrical presentations and demonstrations, and how to determine the ones best suited to your institution.
  • Differences between theatre and demonstrations, and who develops, writes, and presents them.

 Handouts will include sample contracts and budgets.

Time will be allowed during each session for participants to ask questions and share experiences. 

Time will also be set aside at the end of the day for participants to ask questions regarding their particular situation or topics not covered during the sessions.


The 2014 IMTAL Pre Conference will be led by Tessa Bridal.

Tessa Bridal has over thirty years of experience working with museums, and as a consultant nationally and internationally, and received the American Association of Museum’s Education Committee Award for Excellence in Practice, given to individuals how have greatly influenced the work of the museum education field.  She is the author of a prize-winning novel, a contributor to several anthologies, has served as editor of newsletters and museum publications, and author of Exploring Museum Theatre and Effective Exhibit Interpretation and Design published by AltaMira Press. 

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