Elizabeth Pickard

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the International Museum Theatre Alliance (IMTAL) website. IMTAL is dedicated to supporting the use of theatre and theatrical techniques in the museum setting. On this site you will find links for professional development, employment opportunities, helpful literature and other resources that can help you establish or grow your museum theatre program.  

We know that emotion changes how people learn and connect to content in the museum and there is no better tool for evoking emotion and personal connection than museum theatre. I believe that this work is more important than ever and look forward to hearing about your work and sharing my own.  The very best way to share our practice and connect to IMTAL is through our conferences and workshops. These events allow you to see other people’s work in action, explore issues in the field, solve programs or get inspired. I never leave an IMTAL conference or workshop without feeling renewed and excited with a ton of new ideas to put into practice. 

If you like what you see here, I encourage you to join IMTAL – we are a small, volunteer-run association and without membership support we simply would cease to be. The membership is affordable (even for museum and theatre folks), and buys you that most precious of commodities -inspiration. 

We gather together for a variety of events throughout the year and publish a quarterly magazine. We are also on Facebook and Twitter

If you have questions I hope you will reach out to me, or any other member of the board. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Director, Interpretive Programs
Missouri History Museum

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