Conference at Fotevikens Viking Museum, Sweden

  • 18 Nov 2015
  • 21 Nov 2015
  • Höllviken, Sweden

The event is part of an EU funded project, "Follow the Vikings", and attendees will come from Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain and beyond - museum professionals, academics, interpreters and theatre practitioners - and museum theatre specialists. While the umbrella theme is the presentation of Viking culture, these two days will focus on how museums are, and could be, innovating in their ways of reaching the public (through engagement, interaction and provocation as well as imparting information), hence the interest in museum theatre. Workshops and seminars will not be exclusively about the Vikings, but rather about different ways of presenting tangible & intangible cultures of another time and another place, and about ways of reaching audiences.


Presentations will be given by leading figures in museum theatre as well as specialists from the partner museums. More details will be available shortly. Meanwhile, see the Follow the Vikings website for information about the project. Information about seminars and workshops, registration and booking accommodation will all be through that website.  If you have any immediate enquiries please contact either Bjorn on or Tony Jackson on

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