Past IMTAL Conferences

2023 Regional Conference: Bozeman, MT - "Big Sky, Bold Ideas: Staging a Comeback"

2022 Global Conference : Athens, Greece  - "Communicating the Past" (postponed from 2021 due to ongoing pandemic)

2021 No Conference

2020 Virtual Conference - "IMTAL at 30: Pandemic, Protests, and Possibilities"

(moved online in place of pandemic canceled in-person conference in the Twin Cities)

2019 Regional Conference: Indianapolis, IN - "Get Critical: Forging the Future of Museum Theatre"

2018 Global Conference: Los Angeles, CA - "Lighting the Spark, Feeding the Flame"

2017 Regional Conference: Mystic, CT - "Navigating the Seas of Change"

2016 Regional Conference: Denver, CO - "The Magic of Museum Theatre"

2015 Regional Conference: St. Louis, MO - "Once More, With Feeling"

2014  Regional Conference: Chicago, IL - "Saying Yes: Promoting a Museum Theatre Culture"

2013 Global Conference: Washington, D.C.

2012 Regional Conference: Atlanta, GA - "Expanding the Museum Stage"

2011 Global Conference: Melbourne, Australia

2011 Member Event: Philadelphia, PA at National Constitution Center

2011 Mini-Conference: Indianapolis, IN (Presented in partnership with the Theater in Museums Workshop)

2010 Regional Conference: St Louis, MO - "Charting the Future: IMTAL at Twenty"

2009 Global Conference: Monterey, CA - "Museum Theatre on the Edge"


2008 Regional Conference: Frankfort, KY - "Raising the Curtain, Raising the Bar"


2007 Global Conference: Belfast, Northern Ireland - "Challenging Museum Theatre"


2006 Regional Conference: Harrisburg, PA - "Doing More With Less: Museum Theatre on a Shoestring"


2005 Global Conference: Canberra, Australia - "Extending Our Reach"


2004 Regional Conference: Camden, NJ - "Nuts and Bolts"


2003 Global Conference: Richmond, VA, USA - "Roots to Branches"

2001 London, UK

1999 Boston, MA, USA

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