2011 Annual Theatre in Museums Workshop


The Workshop is not an IMTAL event, but it is endorsed by IMTAL.  Click HERE for information about IMTAL's Pre-Workshop Mini-Conference on September 25!


Click HERE to download the Workshop and Mini-Conference Brochure, which includes registration forms and information.


Hosted by:

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

September 26 - 28, 2011 (Part I)

Basic information needed to start a theatre program and an opportunity to hear about and observe other museums' programs.


September 29 - October 1, 2011 (Part II)

An opportunity to work on your own script or to participate in the process of working on others' scripts. Please note: in order to enroll in Part II you must have taken part in Part I this year or in the past. If you are submitting a script for the workshop, it must reach the Children's Museum of Indianapolis by July 30, 2011.


Sessions will include:

   • The importance of a collaborative exhibit and interpretation planning process in

      meeting the main message and goals of an exhibit.

   • The use of actors and interpreters in exhibits, including examples of museum

      theatre, demonstrations, facilitated programs, character appearances, informal

      interpretation, and exhibit hosts.

   • Administrative and personnel needs of institutional theatre and interpretation


   • Budgeting

   • Working with professional writers

   • Actors in institutional settings

   • Tours of local museums

   • Guest performances and sessions


A brochure and registration form is available HERE. If you have additional questions, please email Patricia Daily at patriciad "at"  childrensmuseum "dot" org or call (317) 334-3819. Registration deadline is August 19, 2011.



In 2009, over twenty participants from museums across the country participated in the Workshop. Sessions and performances were presented by Minnestrista Cultural Center, Muncie, Indiana and The Bakken Museum, St. Paul, Minnesota.


IMTAL hosted an evening wine and cheese event during Part 1 of 2009's Workshop. 


In 2008, over forty participants from museums across the country, including Hawaii; and from Canada and Trinidad participated in the Workshop. Sessions and performances were presented by Freetown Village, Indiana, the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Minnestrista Cultural Center, Muncie, Indiana, The Smithsonian National Museum of American History, The Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul , and Chronical Productions. The Workshop also hosted members of the STEPS project. STEPS (Science Theater Education Programming System) is a collaboration between museums to create an innovative, interactive museum theater presentation system.


IMTAL hosted an evening trip to see Indianapolis Comedy Sportz during Part 1 of 2008's Workshop. Below is a photo (thank you to Crystal Fields!) of the Workshop attendees at the event.



Additional Workshop photos provided by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis:


2008 Theatre in Museums Workshop



Join the Student Sit Ins, Smithsonian Museum of American History

Performance by Xavier Carnegie


Comics Alive!, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Performance by Georgeanna Smith and Rachel Ardeel

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